The Judith Binney Trust is a registered charity. It administers Fellowships and Writing Awards to support quality research and writing of history in Aotearoa New Zealand. In particular, work that reflects the scholarly comitments evident in Judith Binney’s own publishing.

The vision, purpose or kaupapa of the Judith Binney Fellowship and Awards

The Trust is supported by funds from the estates of Sebastian Black and Judith Binney, and of Judith Binney’s parents, Professor Sydney and Marjorie Musgrove.

Bequests are a way to further support the kaupapa of the Judith Binney Trust providing valuable assistance for our Fellowships and Writing Awards. Your bequest will provide  very welcome assistance for  those who receive it and is a positive way of ensuring you are supporting research and writing of history in Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you would like to learn more about leaving a planned gift to the Judith Binney Trust please indicate your interest by contacting the Trust’s chair via our email and we will get  in touch with you to discuss your proposal.

Your inquiry will always be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Gift Options

A Legacy: You may consider leaving in your will a nominated sum for a specific purpose, for example, “Support for a JBT Fellowship” or other personal preference.

A Residual Legacy: You may want to make a gift of the residue of your estate when all payments have been made and legacies to family or friends have been attended to.

A Gift from a Family Trust: You may wish to instruct the trustee(s) of your family trust to facilitate a gift from the trust to be used for a specific JBT purpose or project.

An Existing Will: You may wish to add a codicil to your existing will.

We recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified legal professional before reaching any decisions or changing your will. The lawyer will help you through the process and ensure all the legal requirements are met to effectively express and enforce your wishes.


We warmly thank you for your support.

The Judith Binney Fellowships and Writing Awards aim to continue our understanding of the history of Aotearoa New Zealand in the same spirit of scholarly rigour, courage, imagination and respect that Judith Binney’s historical writing demonstrated over so many years.

Your donation will support the annual grants that the Judith Binney Trust makes to eligible projects  assessed from applications submitted to a Selection Panel of New Zealand academics.

The grants help to ensure that quality research and writing about the history of  Aotearoa New Zealand continues even when economic times are challenging.

In making a donation, please do email us at so that we may acknowledge your support appropriately and send you a receipt.

Donations can be made directly into the Trust’s bank account : 06-0273-0670640-48

If you would like to make your donation by another method please email the Trust’s administrator John Barr at

The Judith Binney Trust is a registered charity and individuals can claim tax credits from Inland Revenue for donations over $5.

For project details or financial information relating to the Trust, please email the Trust’s administrator John Barr at